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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

           Mr. R.Rajendran, a most recognised in the field of art in Chennai.  He founded his own art institute ‘Dessin Academy’ and established a successful career in teaching also.

          Mr. R. Rajendran was born on 29 December 1989 for Mr. R. Ramaswamy and Mrs. Adaikkamal in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He was the third child in his family. His father is a carpenter while his mother is a home maker. He was raised with his two elder sisters and a younger brother. He did his earlier education in Andaman itself at School Line School.

          Mr. Rajendran remembers his interest in art started as a child. His favourite timepass was sculpting the idols of various gods out of mud. He used to watch his cousin as he draws the portraits of gods. Once when his cousin did not come, he tried to draw the portrait of Lord Hanuman. Everyone in his family was pleased at his innate artistic talent. They then encouraged him to pursue in the art field.

         When he was in his 6th grade, he joined the art class conducted by Mr. Sukumar Mandel. In a short time he became his master’s favourite student for having an extrasensory perception for the inner mood and emotion of a subject. It was his inspiration and influence that made Mr. Rajendran to become an artist. After a year or so Mr. Sukumar Mandel made him to teach his fellow classmates thereby promoted his teaching instincts.

          Later on Mr. Rajendran moved under the guidance of Artist Mr. Alok Athekari. It was during this period he won his first award (a watch) in a competition conducted for the awareness of AIDS. His natural, artistic talent led him to enjoy success every other painting competitions. Through these competitions he learnt to use his creativity and imaginations in his drawings.

           Mr. Rajendran wanted to pursue his higher studies in famous Shanthi Niketan University, Callcutta but he did not get the seat there. Then with Mr. Alok Athikari’s guidance he in joined Government Fine Arts College, Chennai and came out with a master degree in fine arts majoring in painting. With his earlier experience and his passion towards teaching drawing and painting to children, he started taking classes as part time. He managed to earn as much as to pay for his studies and for his living. Here in Chennai, he was guided by Artists Mr.Manoharan, Mr. Sivabalan and Mr. Ellayaraja.

He has exhibited his works in many group shows all over India. Some of them are;

  2001-03  Andaman artist 'Circle, Port Blair.

  2004-07  V.T.I Chennai.

  2004-08  Chitrakala pariahath Bangalore.

  2006       Viniyasa art Gallery, Chennai.

  2006      Tow man show -Thorigalyen sila Thullgai.

  2007      Guru and sishya's- Vanna Chithalgal.

  2012      Rhythms of life-Army Navy Bulding Mumbai



  2000 Young Star's Association

All India Gold Medal

  2001 Fevicry painting contest

 All India Second

   2004 V.T.I Best outstanding award in Chennai


In the year 2004 he officially founded ‘Dessin Academy’, an art institute. Started with only 5 students, with his sheer hard work, dedication and passion towards teaching, today it has grown into a big banyan tree having about 55 branches with nearly 2,000 students in it all over Tamil Nadu, also in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He feels proud in bringing out his students’ talents and showcases it to the world by organizing painting exhibition annually named “Infinite Expressions”.

His students are getting the CCRT scholarship from central Government, two of them have been selected as National winners in Pogo Amazing Kids Awards, one of them has got the prestigious Balashree Award from the Central Government and also they have won several prizes in the International, national, district level and also in inter school drawing and painting competitions.

He got married to Miss Sudha in 2010 and leads a happy life with two sons. Inspired by his wife, his two sisters and his brother learnt painting and now they are also taking art classes.

At present his institution has its head office where he takes classes for adults and has a gallery also at Kilpauk Garden. In future he has planned to start an art college which will be teaching everything regarding arts. He wants to establish his institution internationally with the help of his students who are residing in various parts of the world.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 

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